Rick Ross Horses Around

  /  04.27.2009

Rick Ross Race Horse

Platinum plaques and Grammys may not be the only thing Rick Ross has his eye on. Could a Kentucky Derby trophy be next?

“The horse that was in the video was actually a real racing horse and there were real trainers there,” Ross tells of the video for “Magnificent,” which features a prized race horse of the same name.

When asked if he has plans to purchase a true thoroughbred of his own, the Boss answered, “I talked to a few [trainers] and a few of them wanted to do some kind of business with me.”

Although he’s not planning to ditch his rap career and get into the horse-racing business anytime soon, the champion MC didn’t completely rule it out. “You never know what the future holds.”

Until then, catch Ross and his horsy co-star cross the finish line in the video for “Magnificent,” below.

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