5 Things Redman Wants for Christmas

  /  12.07.2010


“I remember the first time I got my Tyco Nite-Glow racing track,” Redman tells “I was very, very pleased and happy with Santa.” For a man who no longer believes in jolly ol’ Saint Nick, the “Def Jammable” rhymer grins from ear to ear when relishing over the memory of his once-prized possession.

These days, Red, who drops his seventh solo album Reggie today, doesn’t get too many presents during the holidays. Why? Because the New Jersey native would rather see his family indulge in tearing gift wrap and breaking open boxes than make a wish list for himself. With children spread out from New Jersey to Atlanta, he’ll be busy “doing the daddy thing” when December 25 arrives.

So what would the charismatic rapper ask for if he could have anything from Santa’s sleigh? Read on as Redman reveals five things he wants for Christmas—no illegal substances included.

1. Wave a Magic Wand
I want a magician set. I like magic. I want one of those pro-magician sets too; I don’t want the little ones at Kmart. I want some shit that will teach me how to disappear. I always loved magic [since I was a little kid]. My boy Meth, he love magic as well.

2. Cop New Wheels
I want a new car. I got a coupe and I got a truck. I don’t drive none of that shit though [because] I’m in the studio or I’m always on the road. If I had a chance to get another car, I [would] want an Audi R8.

3. Meet Nicer People
For Christmas, I wish the people overseas that work in the airport were nicer ’cause there are some bastards… If you’re from America and you go overseas… they are some mean motherfu**ers, boy. You could be lost and it’s like talking to a wall. They speak English when they want to. When we was just coming from Russia, my boy was just asking them, “Excuse me,” and they’re like, “No, no, no. I don’t talk English.” Real nasty.

4. Collaborate with a Funky Musician
You know what, I want to do an album with Jamiroquai as a Christmas present. I like his music, I like his vibe. I just think we could do something way different, to the left.

5. Score an Executive Gig
I wish next term I could become vice president of Def Jam. I would try to conduct business in a business manner, but I would also try to find that niche that Def Jam has been missing to control the whole artists and make all the artists happy. You can’t have unhappy artists over here and happy artists over here. It’s just not working. So I would definitely sit down and try to plan, “OK, what can we do? We have our pop artists over here, we have our new artists here, but then we have artists here that been keeping this bitch going. What do we do for them?” I’ll try to find that niche.

–Georgette Cline


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