Wiz Khalifa and Amber Rose

Wiz Khalifa Professes Love for Amber Rose: ‘I’ma Be With Her’

Wiz Khalifa is in love and he’s not afraid to tell the world about it. The “Black and Yellow” rapper opened up to Angie Martinez about his high-profile relationship with Amber Rose.

“It’s pretty serious. I really, really dig her,” Wiz professed to the Hot 97 host. “People think it’s an image thing and that we’re just doing it to be crazy, but like, for real, for real, it’s just two great people meeting at a good time.”

While they may seem like an odd couple to some, they share a lot in common. “We just like to crack jokes and stuff like that. She’s very down to earth, she’s very realistic, and that’s the way that I am. Just seeing stuff for what it is and not being blinded by the lights. […] She is womanly. I need that.”

The shaved-headed model’s previous relationship with Kanye West doesn’t concern the Pittsburgh MC. “That’s just life. Individuals grow apart from each other and then they grow with other people, and there’s no tension or anything that’s gonna happen,” he continued. “I would never ever, ever be involved in that situation because that has nothing to do with me.”

He went on to stress that their love is real. “I’ma be with her. That’s why we wanted to give it to the world. But it’s realistic. It’s nothing that we’re just beefing up or just doing for anybody’s eyes. It’s real. She’s a great girl. I really, really am into her.”

Not even the green can cloud his judgement when it comes to love. “I’m the kind of guy who knows when I’m winning, no Charlie Sheen intended. When you won, you don’t gotta keep tryna do stuff that’s gonna mess it up.”