Nicki Minaj and Juju Chang

Nicki Minaj Talks Father's Abuse, Being 'Bossed Up' on 'Nightline'

  /  04.10.2012

Nicki Minaj and Juju Chang

Nicki Minaj showed who’s the boss during her interview on ABC’s “Nightline.” The “Starships” rapper, who was dubbed “Hurricane Nicki,” sat down with Juju Chang to discuss her love for the “F-bomb,” appealing to young fans while still maintaing her street cred, comparisons to Lady Gaga, her nipple slip on “Good Morning America,” father’s violent past, and being “bossed up.”

While Nicki tries to appeal to fans of all ages, she doesn’t forget where she came from. “I don’t want to offend moms or children, like when they come and pay their money to see a show,” she said. “But I didn’t come in the game to be an artist that appealed to kids either—and I’m a crazy lunatic.”

She keeps one of her youngest fans, 8-year-old YouTube sensation Sophia Grace, in mind when recording a song. “We have a running joke. Can Sophia Grace sing that?”

During her performance on “GMA” last summer, her nipple made a surprise appearance, but Minaj maintains it was not a publicity stunt. “I’m so sorry about that,” she told Chang. “People are ridiculous if they think I would use that as a stunt. I would never, ever, ever—swear to God—do something like that on purpose. That’s ridiculous. I would never do that.”

A young Nicki witnessed violence as a chid. “My father was abusive. We were afraid for [my mother’s] life because whenever he would have a real bad outburst, he would threaten to kill her.”

She added, “I wanted to kill him. I wished he was dead.”

She also described the difference between men and women in power. “When a man is ‘bossed up,’ he is taking control, he’s getting money, he’s in control of his settings everytime, and there’s no synonym for it in the female world outside of bitch.”

While she wants a family someday, she’s in no rush. “When I saw Madonna, I realized it can be done ’cause I saw her children were coming to the rehearsals and that really moved me,” said Nicki, adding, “But no children anytime soon!”



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