RZA Breaks Silence on Azealia Banks & Russell Crowe Confrontation

  /  10.20.2016

RZA responds.

After Azealia Banks claimed she was cutting ties with Bobby Digital due to the fact that he did not defend her during an altercation with Russell Crowe, the legendary Wu-Tang Clan producer has issued his own statement.

In a Facebook post, RZA says he felt “compelled to respond” to the recent stories surrounding Banks, adding that he only wishes her “the best.” According to RZA, “things ran smooth and [Banks] delivered” in their Coco film shoot. However, he clarified that he “HAD NO REAL EXPERIENCE OF HER SOCIAL BEHAVIOR” until the day they went to Crowe’s dinner party at a Beverly Hills hotel.

It was at Crowe’s dinner party where he said he witnessed Banks unhinged. “Before the night is over Azealia is insulting half the room she becomes loud and obnoxious,” he says. “There was nothing funny about her behavior. I felt a little embarrassed because she was my guest. Still verbal abuse can be tolerated but when it goes physical…Azealia threaten to cut a girl in the face with a glass, then actually grabs a glass and physically attacks for no logical reason. Russell blocked the attack and expelled her from the suite.”

Contrary to Banks’ comments, RZA says Crowe did not use the n-word. However, he admits that the Oscar winner “spit at her,” but that the “spit didn’t hit her.”

As for the record deal, RZA says that they never finalized the details and that Azealia prematurely announced the signing online. Nevertheless, it doesn’t seem they’ll be working together soon. “I’m not gonna pursue that,” RZA told TMZ.

Read RZA’s full statement above and see his TMZ Live interview below.

For her part, Azealia has vowed to stay away from “anything negative.” Today, she also released a freestyle over Jay Z’s “So Ghetto” classic.

“Hypocrites will holler, wanna play innocent,” she raps in a video posted on her private Instagram account. “I know I got ’em straight fakin’ for their friend.”

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