Evelyn Braxton, Vincent Herbert, and Tamar Braxton

Tamar Braxton’s Mother Fears Vincent Herbert Will ‘Hurt’ Her Daughter

Tamar Braxton’s mother Evelyn says she is concerned about her daughter’s safety. The “Braxton Family Values” star spoke with TMZ about Tamar’s pending divorce from her estranged husband Vincent Herbert.

“I don’t really have anything to say to Vince,” she said. “Only one thing: Keep his hands off of my child. Stop before he hurts her or kills her. I love them but I don’t want him to kill my child. It’s as simple as that.”

She went on to say that Herbert needs help. “I think that if a person really means what they’re doing, they’ll go to get help, they’ll get counseling, right?” she added. “I think he needs to go and get counseling. I really and truly do, before someone gets killed.”

For his part, Herbert has denied claims that he hurt Tamar. He is upset over Evelyn’s comments, especially because it could have an impact on their 4-year-old son Logan. According to the source, Herbert still has love for Tamar and plans to fight to win her back.

Tamar filed for divorce from Herbert following almost nine years of marriage. While Herbert wants to reconcile, Braxton is planning to move forward with the divorce and is requesting full custody of their son.