Kodak Black

Kodak Black Says He Punched Sticky Fingaz

After beefing with Lil Wayne, Kodak Black is revealing an encounter with Sticky Fingaz that turned violent.

Taking to Instagram Live, the “ZEZE” rapper claimed that he assaulted the Brooklyn rap veteran after he stepped onto his tour bus.

“I ain’t like his old head energy, ’cause I don’t really like older people like that,” said Kodak (via Complex). “I’m a ’90s baby. I don’t got no respect for y’all. So, this n***a he was on my bus, like—I ain’t never say this, but tonight I’m gonna say it. This f**k n***a, he was playin’ crazy on my bus, and I ain’t like that. I ain’t even know why my cousin let this f**k n***a [him in] or where he met this n***a at. I ain’t like how he was dancin’, I ain’t like energy. I ain’t like his little ’70 baby, ’80 baby, whatever his generation vibe […] I punched that n***a dead in his shit.”

Kodak then grabbed Sticky Fingaz’ bag and went through it, allegedly finding a gun inside. He attempted to shoot Sticky before discovering that the weapon was fake.

“When I tried to shoot the n***a, his gun was fake,” added Kodak. “I’m like, man, what the f**k? So he went running. But at the same time, I’m feelin’ like, ‘Why you running for if you know your gun fake?’ This n***a an actor n***a, man.”

According to Kodak, the Onyx rapper ran off the bus before he destroyed his camera. Sticky returned with “fake security guards” while Kodak searched his bus to see if his security had left any guns.

“They see their whole bunks flipped over and shit ’cause I was looking for a scrap so I could blow this ni**a back out,” said Kodak.

Watch his account of the run-in below.