Jesse McCartney Reveals Album Title, Tracklisting

Jesse McCartney

Fans of Jesse McCartney who don’t think they’ve gotten enough of the singer are in for a treat. The former teen heartthrob has announced Have It All as the title of his fourth album, with plans to release the project at the top of next year.

The 23-year-old, who spent the last year recording the follow-up to his 2008 album Departure, worked with a cast of characters including Sean Garrett, Kevin Rudolf, J. Cash, and Young Money rapper Tyga, who appears on “I Don’t Normally Do This.”

“It’s full of sexy, four-on-the-floor beats with big pop melodies… but yet again, some rhythmic, R&B stuff that’s pushing the envelope a little bit more for me as an artist,” McCartney tells “I wanted to make sure that there were no boundaries. I’m 23, and I wanted to make sure there was nothing boxing me in musically or content-wise.”

And of course, the blue-eyed soul singer has something in store for the ladies. “I gave him some swag, not corny swag shit,” Garrett previously told “Girls will be like, ‘Damn, I need to call up Jesse. He’s somebody I need in my life.’”

In anticipation of the album’s January release, the “Leavin’” hitmaker will perform his Ammo-produced single “Shake” on “Live with Regis and Kelly” on October 19 and continue penning records for other artists. “I’ve been writing for a lot of big artists in the last couple months, and it’s everything that you dream of as an artist… to be taken seriously as a writer, not just as a singer.”

Have It All Tracklisting

1. “Shake”
2. “One Night”
3. “The Writer”
4. “Club Hop”
5. “I Think She Likes Me”
6. “Tonight Is Your Night”
7. “I Don’t Normally Do This” feat. Tyga
8. “Undo”
9. “Have It All”
10. “Mrs. Mistake”
11. “Seasons (My Love Will Never Change)”

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  1. Liz

    I cannot wait for this album to come out! Jmac is back! =]


  2. JLP

    Oh i love the song shake! looking forward to this!


  3. Nait Phoenix

    J Mac & Tyga!!! Interesting!!!


  4. kimberly

    He has green eyes…not blue…


  5. Mr Xclusive

    lol @ Tyga being on this ….no wonder the songs name is “I Don’t Normally Do This”


  6. Boo

    Jesse is not the same all the mouse he about sex in his songs on his new ablum and old one. His first 2 cd is the best and it’s over. The Backstreet boys on This is us album is way better. You don’t need songs that you are to hook up one night just for sex. Thats wrong!!!! BYE BYE JESSE!!


  7. dana cyrus

    i think i gonna be gr8 cuz i’ve listen to shake and it is huge thing it like he is back with more songS ! can’t wait to see the whole album .. my favarouit is mrs.mistake it is amazing





  9. connie whitaker

    hello jesse mac I Love you alway’s
    please call me soon!

    love your’e new cover and new look

    hope to see you in pennylvaina in 20011!



  10. Frädrik

    kimberly: “He has green eyes…not blue…”

    And, you have a dodo brain. Look up “Blue eyed soul” some time.


  11. madz

    when will he release it ?


  12. Markeita

    OMG I cannot wait to add this album to the others of his already got!! i’ve already heard most of the songs on it and i’m like damn Jesse i want some of you haha!! I can’t wait!!


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