Video: T-Pain – ‘Laugh n Dab’

T-Pain is dabbin’ on his haters. Still sizzling off last month’s “Panda” remix, Teddy P pops back up in a video for his latest single, “Laugh n Dab.”

In this clip, the “Look at Me” MC boasts about money while bench pressing duffel bags full of cash. Dressed as an ice cream man, he also stunts on haters with his Grammys and his Cadillac.

“When your money’s strong, they get mad at that,” he raps with a smile on his face. “When they money gone, they wish they can have it back / So laugh n dab.”

Like with many of his recent singles, including “Hundred Mo Dolla$” and “Officially Yours,” it’s unclear where “Laugh n Dab” will land. However, T-Pain is working on his long-awaited album Stoicville: The Phoenix.