Safaree Talks Nicki Minaj Breakup, Remy Ma, & Meek Mill on 'Wendy'

  /  03.07.2017

Safaree Samuels opens up. Sitting down with Wendy Williams, Nicki Minaj’s ex broke down the former couple’s relationship and Remy Ma’s diss track “shETHER.”

Responding to Remy’s claim that he helped write Nicki’s rhymes throughout her career, SB said it was true. “It was a collaborative effort,” he explained. “[Nicki] doesn’t sit there and do absolutely nothing, but I definitely was a helping force in everything that had to do with creating music. It’s not like I was just a waste man.”

During the interview, Samuels went on to reveal how his 12-year relationship with Minaj ended. “The last year and year-and-a-half, it just got really different,” he said. “We just grew apart. At the end of the day, Meek had a lot to do with me and her breaking up.”

According to him, Nicki’s Meek romance became apparent during the making of The Pinkprint. “The last album, whether people know or not, I was a part of the creative process up until the last month-and-a-half of it,” he said. “In the last month, that’s when we were going through all the songs and I found out that there was two songs with him on the album…I had an instinct. I had the intuition that there was more to it.”

However, he doesn’t claim to be innocent in the ordeal. “I’m not an angel,” he said. “I’m not a saint. I wasn’t 100 percent happy and I already mentally was on my way out. So, I was like, ‘It’s just a matter of time before I physically leave.'”

In October of 2016, SB spoke with Rap-Up about the lawsuit and breakup, as well. “I’m in such a good headspace so I’m not even focusing on that,” he said at the time. “Even when people bring it up to me and everything that has to do with her, it does not phase me.”

SB’s EP Shoulda Been Did It is due this month following the January release of his “Stunt Daddy” video. Watch the full interview and see more highlights from Safaree’s “Wendy” conversation below.

On finances: “I had my own account but as far as how money came in, she paid me. I did work, I did whatever, and she was the boss of the situation…I had everything I dreamed of.”

On lawsuit: “I had started a whole lawsuit and all of that but I just fell back from it. The lawyers I was dealing with, there was a lot going on behind the scenes.”

On whether Nicki is “nice”: “I can’t speak about other people. But I just know for me, that’s somebody that I spent a lot of time with and I don’t want to try to do anything to pull her down.”

On Nicki’s alleged plastic surgery: “It’s 2017. If you’re a woman and you want to feel better about yourself, if you had a baby and your breasts sag, or you want to make your hips look bigger or whatever, I’m all for women, if y’all want to make yourselves look nice, you can do whatever y’all wanna do. It’s your body.”

On Nicki’s camp: “There are people trying to stop me from coming to the show…They [her camp] tried to stop it.”

On whether he’d reunite with Nicki: “Nah. Not at all.”

On his message to his ex: “Do what’s right. That’s it. Do what’s right. You know what I did.”


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