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Nicki Minaj Alludes To "Roman" Leaving After Negative Backlash

  /  01.27.2024

After a full day of sending shots at Megan Thee Stallion, Nicki Minaj has shared on social media that her alter ego “Roman” might be leaving following negative backlash to her shots at her former collaborator. Saturday (Jan. 27), the “Everybody” emcee shared, “I think Roman just called his pilot to leave [Gag City] chi I-.”

During a live audio stream, Minaj questioned if the rules to beef have changed in modern-day Hip Hop based on people’s response to her disses toward her former “Hot Girl Summer” collaborator. She mentioned that people did not handle JAY-Z and Nas the way they are handling her current beef with Megan Thee Stallion.

She doubled down on her stance by liking a tweet that said, “I said it months before that the ones asking for Roman wouldn’t be able to handle him once he’s here chile.” She also liked another post that claimed, “That’s the thing, a lot of ‘barbz’ think Roman is just the voices and movement, [honey], Roman push his pen and [doesn’t give a f**k] about what people might think!!”

Shortly after, supporters of the “FTCU” emcee were met with mixed feelings after Minaj seemingly co-signed with controversial political figure Ben Shapiro. On Twitter, she posted, “Ben Shapiro put out a diss record. He said his comment sections are filled with woke Karens. The song is No. 1 on US iTunes. What is really happening, and who is that other man rapping???? Is this real life??!! He said, ‘Nicki, take some notes.’ Nah, AYO, nah.”

She proceeded with the response by saying, “I just listened to it, Ben Shapiro, not bad. Congrats on No. 1. But it [definitely] sounds like Roman’s Revenge when the beat first came in… [I don’t know].” Fans on social media have contrasted Beyoncé’s use of social media to Minaj’s in the past few days. Many believe Minaj is too old to act the way she is on social media right now.


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