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LVRN Co-Founder Says Summer Walker Dates Certain Men For Inspiration

  /  11.04.2023

On Friday (Nov. 3), clips from LVRN co-founder Justice Baiden’s newest interview started circulating after he detailed his working relationship with R&B superstar Summer Walker. During the exiting interview, Baiden expounded his discussions with the Over It artist.

After questioning her choice of men, he claims she said, “This is like my little sister, you know, so at the end of the day, this is how you know you have a special artist. Me and Summer will have conversations and I am just like Summer: ‘Why did you make that decision? Like why did you do that? Why did you date that guy?’ You know, I am really trying to find out and understand her perspective.”

Summer answered many questions by simply stating, “I need something to write about.” Baiden continued to say, “Oh, you are an artist. Like you live vicariously through your art.” She further clarified by telling him that the music is “her diary.” The poignant revelation left the podcast hosts shocked.

Baiden assured the podcast crew by saying that, although it is his goal to manage artists and ensure they do not go off the deep end, it is essential to let them live so that they can create the art that is true to them. The indie label’s head honcho also detailed how he discovered Walker and eventually signed her to LVRN during the vulnerable discussion.

Walker has recently been in the headlines for seemingly getting back together with BMF’s Lil Meech (Demetrius Flenory Jr.). The two split at the end of July when Walker took to Instagram to share, “Tried my best to be Jayda Wayda, but I couldn’t. It was cute, though; I wish him the best.” Many fans have jumped to Jayda’s defense in blog comments following the rekindling of the Meech and Summer.


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