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Judge In The YSL Case Is Visibly Frustrated With The Prosecutors

  /  11.05.2023

Saturday (Nov. 4), a clip of the judge in the YSL trial circulated, which seemingly showed him being fed up after prosecutors were withholding evidence.

In the fiery video, the judge stated, “I’m really annoyed about this, Ms. Holton, I really am. This is ridiculous. Your witness list has grown by two-thirds since then and I don’t know why. You better have a dang good explanation on the 16th. Because if you don’t, I am going to exclude it. Right now, I am telling you, without anything further, it is gone.”

The judge continued, “If there is nothing on the 16th, then I will exclude it. There is no plausible reason I have gotten that could explain why you keep dripping and dropping evidence.” The prosecutor can be heard in the clip saying, “Well, we will be asked to be heard on the 16th and will have all of the information you need.”

The visibly fed-up judge closed his statement stating, “You better, because if not, I am going to exclude it, I just will.” Since the clip has gone live, many fans on social media are hoping it means good news for Young Thug and the rest of his YSL counterparts.

@akademiks Judge in the #YSL case is fed up with prosecutors holding evidence😳😬 #youngthug ♬ original sound – Akademiks

One fan commented on a post from DJ Akademiks, “‘Cause they ain’t got enough real evidence, they just waiting for all ’em to plea out.” Another commenter claimed, “They did me like this back home. They kept pushing back dates and coming up with excuses because they didn’t have anything. He might come home sooner than people think.”

Another confused fan wondered, “Isn’t that supposed to be revealed in the discovery? And if it’s evidence that can help the defense that goes against the Brady law.” The YSL trial has had its fair share of ups and downs since the beginning. Social media went into an uproar when Gunna was released via an Alfred plea. Then, there was even more skepticism after YSL Polo exhibited odd behavior in the courtroom. Currently, there is no timetable for Young Thug’s expected return home.


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