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Fans React To City Girls' JT Announcing Solo Tour Dates

  /  03.10.2024

City Girls’ JT has now announced solo tour dates following the release of her latest two singles, “No Bars” and “Sideways.”

Fans of the Miami-bred emcee are elated about her growth and look forward to more solo music from the multi-platinum star. In a new post on the app formerly known as Twitter, she shared the tour flyer with the caption, “Mwah, see you soon. Which city will I see you in?” 

One fan commented, “Why you ain’t got a date for Detroit?” JT responded, “Had to move it. I’ll update you all soon.” Another user asked, ” What will you be doing on this tour? Waitressing? Just a bunch of restaurants and bars? Everyone is confused.” 

While the conversation about many of the tour dates being at clubs grew, people had mixed reactions. One user stated, “Clubs are so important to reading the room — testing music, testing performance and projection. Very important breeding grounds and informal artist development. Those making fun of JT don’t know what they are saying”

Another commenter said, “I appreciate [Quality Control] and the team having JT perform in bars and clubs because the girls need to be humbled. They need to learn to perform and rock the crowd. Fans deserve the best, and the best comes with practice.”

JT responded, “Not as JT. Y’all soooooo mad hahahahahahahahaha. [You’re] salty ’cause I’m giving fresh and new. [I’m] CONFUSED on what agenda y’all wanna push, but guess what b**ch, it’s whatever I want it to be, go cry h**!” to a user poking fun at the fact she was performing in clubs.


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