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Sukihana Asks JT Whether She Dissed Her On "OKAY"

  /  04.30.2024

JT’s most recent single, “OKAY,” received a visual companion on Monday (April 29). Following the video’s release, Sukihana took to social media to seek clarification from the Miami rapper regarding specific lyrics from the song.

On “OKAY,” JT rapped, “She ate crab legs, now her whole tooth missin’/ Cheap a** veneers, you stay talkin’ s**t/ Put a marker to this b**ch, she’s so counterfeit.” While many listeners speculated the lines were a jab at Cardi B, Sukihana also questioned whether the bar targeted her. 

The “Eating” artist, who notably broke her tooth while eating crab legs during a 2022 Instagram Live, shared doubts about being the subject of the diss. “I just heard JT’s song, and I don’t feel like she was dissing me,” Sukihana explained in a video. “But I want JT to clear up if she was talking about me or Cardi.”

She further emphasized her approach to handling the situation: “I’m not going to go after JT because I never hate on a b**ch; I always show love… I just don’t feel like me and you got no tea, no shade. So, just let me know.” 

When “OKAY” initially debuted, fans presumed the lyric was a reference to Cardi losing her veneer to a bagel. The New York native shared the news via social media in March.

Cardi captioned a TikTok video, “Wait ‘til the end for a surprise.” Toward the end of the clip, she gave viewers a close look at the gap in her smile. The musician later revealed the cause of the dental mishap on her Instagram broadcast channel: “Why [did] one of [my] veneers come out [while] chewing on a hard a** bagel?”

At the time of reporting, JT has not responded to Sukihana’s post.


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