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Cardi B Calls Out Her Sneak-Dissing Detractors And Announces New Music Is On The Way

  /  05.07.2024

“Enough is enough!” Cardi B is tired of artists taking subliminal shots at her for a boost in streams. Today (May 7), the New York rapper hopped on Twitter Spaces, where she accused her detractors of sneak dissing due to low marketing budgets.

Cardi began, “Sometimes I be feeling like, ‘Who the f**k you b**ches is talking to?’ I know my fans, Bardi Gang, when b**ches be fake trying me, I know y’all always have my back, but I just be feeling like, ‘Where do the nerves be coming from? Where do the audacity and the nerves be coming from?’” 

“You b**ches’ booking prices [are the same as] my daughter‘s anklets… My daughter’s anklets cost more than your booking fee,” she continued. “I know sometimes y’all labels don’t be giving y’all budgets for marketing, and sometimes trying to be shady and trying to start s**t with Cardi, it’s part of y’all marketing. Out of all the b**ches that’s in the game, b**ch, why the f**k do you think you can run with me?”

Although she didn’t mention any names, City Girls’ JT and BIA are two rappers recently speculated to have taken shots at Cardi on “OKAY” and “B**ch Duh (Remix),” respectively. The first-mentioned song also caught the attention of Sukihana, who thought the record’s “cheap a** veneers” lyric was a jab at her.

Elsewhere in the Twitter Spaces session, the “Be Careful” hitmaker said, “Y’all b**ches can’t even handle the big cash s**t that I will talk on y’all b**ches. You b**ches [are] f**king poor. Y’all hoes [are] poor. I know Instagram models that make more money than y’all b**ches, so why the f**k y’all even fix y’all lips?”

The Grammy-winning musician revealed that she was working on a guest verse for another artist, whom she also didn’t name, and has a track of her own expected to come out afterward. So far, Cardi has dropped singles like “Like That (Freestyle)” and “Enough (Miami)” this year.

“Since y’all want music so bad, I’ma give it to y’all, and then I’m dropping something after that. But this, I gotta get this out of the way,” Cardi concluded. “Expect that this week. I’ll definitely give that to y’all this week.”


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