9 Shots
8.14.2015 New Music

New Music: 50 Cent – ‘9 Shots’

50 Cent is back with a bang. When he’s not hawking EFFEN Vodka or promoting Season 2 of “Power,” the hip-hop titan pops off on “9 Shots,” the first release from his long-awaited album... Read More

Ja Rule
8.13.2015 New Music

New Music: Ja Rule – ‘LOL’

Ja Rule has kept the Internet buzzing over the last week with a steady stream of new music—first came “Wake Up” and “The Memoire” parts 1 and 2, followed by “Nah!!!” and “New York... Read More

8.11.2015 New Music

New Music: Ma$e – ‘WhenNYWasNY’

Well, this is a curveball—when you look at the title of Ma$e’s new song “WhenNYWasNY” you could be forgiven for thinking he’s about to drop a throwback ode to the sound of the city... Read More

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