Beyoncé Sits Down with Katie Couric on ‘20/20’ [Video]

Beyoncé sat down with Katie Couric to talk about the loves of her life—her music and her baby. Returning to Roseland Ballroom where she filmed her concert DVD Live at Roseland: Elements of 4, the beaming mom-to-be discussed all things baby, the wild rumors surrounding her pregnancy, and taking some time off before shooting A Star Is Born with Clint Eastwood. She also took Couric on a tour of her production studio The Parkwood Group where she edits her video footage.

The pop megastar laughed off rumors that she is faking her pregnancy. “There are certain things that are so far that it doesn’t even upset you,” said a calm B. “I’m cool. It’s so ridiculous and over the top.” But her mother Tina Knowles didn’t have the same reaction. “She’s like, ‘Nobody’s talking about my grandbaby. My grandbaby’s not even here yet.'”

The parents-to-be can’t wait to welcome their first child. “I’m so anxious. I wanna hold the baby,” said Mrs. Carter, adding that “the time can’t come fast enough” for Jay-Z.

She remained coy when asked if the baby is a boy or girl, but didn’t refute Kelly Rowland’s claim that she’s having a daughter. “I don’t care, I’m just like everyone else,” she said.

And while she didn’t reveal her due date, she’s anxiously awaiting the arrival of baby Carter. “The best thing is knowing that my favorite person in the world I haven’t met them yet, and hopefully I’m gonna pass on things that generations of my family have passed on to me.”

Watch the full interview below.